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Willow Acacia

Willow Acacia

Acacia salicina

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  • Lower maintenance and easy to grow!
  • Interesting, weeping appearance
  • Suitable for many landscape design styles
  • Unique, fast growing, desert adapted and evergreen
Willow Acacia
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Willow Acacia

Acacia salicina

  • Other common names include Cooba, Native Willow, Willow Wattle, Broughton Willow, Sally Wattle, Black Wattle
  • Weeping growth habit and a fast-growing tree
  • Beautiful around water features
  • Loves to grow in our climate
  • Ideal for low-water-use landscapes and desert landscape styles

Willow Acacias are another import from Australia, making them perfectly suited for growing in the mild, dry regions of the West. Their upright branch structure and rapid growth rate make them an excellent choice for quick water-wise and desert landscape styles. Their botanical name is Acacia salicina, and this Australian native has a unique weeping appearance that makes them a welcome addition to many different landscape styles. One of the most drought tolerant of all Acacias, this fast-growing variety is hardy and evergreen too! We like to plant them around water features, and when properly planted around the home, a big tree can provide enough shade to cool off a room.

The Willow Acacia tree is low-maintenance and easy to grow, in fact, it thrives in our local climate! They can tolerate a broad range of poor soils and gets bonus points for high wind and frost tolerance. Also, it is a low water use tree so that once established will have little to moderate water requirements. Grow them in a spot with full sun exposure and enjoy the view for many years to come!

This colorful tree features attractive greenish silver-blue foliage and produces fluffy yellow flowers in the summer, autumn, and winter seasons! If you love the sight of birds and butterflies, good news, Willow Acacia attracts them!

Tired of waiting for trees to get big? Why wait when you can find the perfect big trees at Moon Valley Nurseries! We have big Willow Acacia trees that have been grown and nurtured on our farms so that they are ready to thrive in your landscape!

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  1. Fast growing.
    I bought a willow acacia four years ago and it is now 25 feet tall. Awesome quick fast! I lined my driveway with three them on one side, two on the other.

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