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Cupaniopsis anacardioides

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  • Uniquely shaped evergreen shade tree
  • Provides year round shade and privacy
  • Unique branch pattern resembles the carrot-top of its namesake
  • Extremely hardy
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Cupaniopsis anacardioides

  • Other common names include Tuckeroo, Beach Tamarind and Green-Leaved Tamarind
  • Uniquely shaped evergreen shade tree
  • Provides year-round shade and privacy
  • Unique branch pattern resembles the carrot-top of its namesake
  • Extremely hardy and does very well in Houston's climate

Carrotwood, is a medium-sized tree that looks right at home whether used as an attractive ornamental tree or as a street tree. It can grow a wide, dense, evergreen canopy that brings an attractive and scenic look to any type of landscape. Carrotwood is native to Australia and tolerates seacoast conditions, heat, drought, and poor soil. Its neat appearance makes it an excellent choice for homeowners in the Southwest looking to adorn their property with a beautiful tree.

Available as a single trunk or multi-trunk tree, the Carrotwood is sure to add a picturesque look to any garden and home. Landscape designers rave about this well-behaved tree. Homeowners with young families will love specimen trees to attach a tire swing or build a tree house in it. People will love picnicking outdoors under the generous shade provided by the wide canopy. Moon Valley Nurseries sells both single and multi-trunk varieties that are healthy and vibrant.

The Carrotwood tree is a common sight on Southwestern landscapes due to its year-round shade. Homeowners living in tract housing will appreciate the privacy features provided by a mature Carrotwood tree. Its namesake comes from the unique branch pattern that seems to resemble a carrot top, though don't expect any carrots! With this engaging tree, you can expect moderate to slow growth. Of course, homeowners can choose how tall or wide they want this hardy tree to grow.

Homeowners looking to add a unique evergreen tree to their landscape will appreciate the reliable, virtuous features of Cupaniopsis anacardioides. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow and nurture beautiful Carrotwood trees that are sure to enhance any landscape style.

Speak with one of our landscape design experts. Moon Valley Nurseries offers free design consultation services to help you plan a landscape design that will add beauty and value to your home in the Southwest. You buy it, we deliver and plant it!

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  1. Good Evergreen
    These are a cool evergreen tree. They are pretty clean and are easy to take care of. We bought 3 multi trunk ones and had Moon Valley Nurseries plant these for us and they look beautiful. Ben and his crew did an amazing job and so far the trees seem to be thriving.

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