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Podocarpus (Podocarpus gracilior)



Podocarpus gracilior

  • Other common name is Fern Pine, African Fern Pine
  • Synonym Afrocarpus gracilior, Afrocarpus elongatus
  • Low-maintenance tree
  • Excellent along sidewalks, in boulevards, patios, used as a privacy screen

Podocarpus gracilior or Fern Pine is prized for its clean evergreen looks, low maintenance requirements, resistance to pests and disease, and wide tolerance of growing conditions. From eastern Africa, this Podocarpus gracilior is a versatile, fast-growing plant popular with homeowners looking for good privacy screens, windbreakers and background plants for their landscape.

Homeowners can get creative with the shape of this evergreen shrub or tree. Podocarpus gracilior can be trimmed down to fit into tighter forms, or be left alone to reach heights of up to 40-feet. It is a common sight to see Podocarpus gracilior trees or shrubs trimmed and shaped like a ball, cone or column on lawns, patios, streets, or gardens throughout the Southwest. It looks good whichever shape you want it to take and however you want to use it on your landscape.

The Fern pine is a fast grower that thrives in full sun and exhibits good looks thanks to its soft, lush, green foliage. It can thrive in full sun or partial shade and looks good in rural, suburban and urban conditions. The roots of this tree rarely lift or crack sidewalks, so feel free to plant near structures, sidewalks, or patios. Homeowners will often use this species as a barrier hedge or have some planted along a fence.

Podocarpus gracilior is a single trunk species that combines well with tropical landscapes and most any type of environment in the Southwest. Easy to care for with moderate water needs, once established, pruning is not needed unless you want a particular size and shape. If you are using it as a tree form, you can expect to get some nice shade cover. Plant near a room around your house and keep the room cool during those heat waves, you might even save some money on your electric bill.

Whether used as a shrub or tree, Moon Valley Nurseries offers the finest quality Podocarpus specimens ready to be delivered to your home and planted by our team of experts. Ask us about our free design and consultation services too!


aka AKA "Long Leafed Yellow­Wood"

Medium sized tree is good for tighter, smaller applications

Dagger shaped leaves provide large, shady foliage

This tree makes a great upright hedges, screens, and borders or can be used as a smaller patio tree.