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Pride of Houston Yaupon Holly (Ilex Vomitoria ‘Pride of Houston’)


Pride of Houston Yaupon Holly

Ilex Vomitoria ‘Pride of Houston’

  • Texas native
  • An improved selection of Yaupon Holly
  • Prized for its upright habit and neat branching structure
  • An abundance of showy, scarlet to orange-red ornamental berries in winter
  • Small evergreen tree or medium to large shrub that offers year-round interest

This upright Yaupon Holly does well in the sun or shade and loves to grow in Houston, in fact, this cultivar is dubbed ‘Pride of Houston’ for a good reason. They feature attractive dark green foliage that creates the perfect background for the high volume of ornamental bright red berries that persist in the winter, attracting birds along the way. The smooth gray bark is a bonus and with nighttime landscape lighting, you can highlight the neat branching structure of this small tree. We like to plant them in any landscape where they are ideal as an accent, used as a privacy hedge/screen or mass planting them for a stunning scene that is sure to get your yard noticed for all the right reasons! The upright habit of this evergreen makes it perfect for small garden spaces too!

This Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria is a Texas native so that it is very well-suited to growing in our local climate. They can grow in full sun, partial sun, partial shade, and full shade exposures. Once established, the Pride of Houston Yaupon Holly is drought tolerant with little to moderate water requirements. They have a medium growth rate, and since they respond well to heavy shearing and pruning, this Ilex vomitoria cultivar is also an excellent choice for larger topiary!

Moon Valley Nurseries custom-grows and nurtures the Pride of Houston Yaupon Holly on our farms so that they will thrive in any Houston landscape. These are some of the most durable and adaptable evergreen hollies, and we look forward to helping you handpick the perfect plant for the perfect spot in your yard!


Full to partial sun

Dark green dense foliage

Small to medium hedge or foundation shrub