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Chinese Flame Tree (Koelreuteria bipinnata)


Chinese Flame Tree

Koelreuteria bipinnata

  • Other common names include Chinese Golden Rain Tree, Bougainvillea Golden-Rain Tree
  • Blooms very young
  • Beautiful summertime bloom of vibrant yellow, fragrant flowers
  • Long papery husks resembling Chinese lanterns appear in fall
  • Fast-growing deciduous shade tree
  • Has deep, non-invasive roots that make it a good tree to plant under

The Chinese Flame Tree, botanical name Koelreuteria bipinnata, is a show-stopping deciduous tree perfect for any landscape! With its beautiful summertime bloom of vibrant yellow, fragrant flowers and long papery husks that resemble Chinese lanterns appearing in fall, this Chinese native can brighten up any yard with natural curb appeal! This tree provides year-round interest and is a perfect tree for anyone that is looking for a smaller shade tree with a neat and tidy habit! We also like to plant them near patios, and since they have non-invasive roots, they are also a good tree to plant under and planting near the street!

This Koelreuteria tree is a cousin of the Golden Rain Tree and is easy to grow. It thrives in a location with full sun exposure, and once established will have low to moderate watering needs. The best time to prune this Chinese Flame Tree is in the winter, and we recommend feeding it with fertilizer before new growth begins in spring.

Chinese Flame trees are full of interesting colors and texture, making them an excellent companion to other colorful trees and plants such as Purple Leaf Plum trees and evergreen shrubs such as Shiny Xylosma and Fraser’s photinia. Moon Valley Nurseries has got you covered with our premium-quality trees, shrubs and other plants grown in our local climate and ready to thrive in your yard! And with our free professional landscape design consultations available at our nurseries, it cannot get any easier to create your dream landscape!

Allow our professional planting crew to do all the digging and planting so that you can come home to a beautiful new landscape!


Fast growing shade tree

Beautiful summer blooms

Breathtaking fall ‘Chinese Lantern’ display

One of the few summer bloomers