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Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)



Populus deltoides

  • Other common name is Necklace Poplar, Carolina Poplar
  • Tolerates drought and air pollution
  • An excellent deciduous shade tree that is easy to grow
  • A cotton-less variety!
  • Can live for hundreds of years in a good growing environment
  • Attracts songbirds

Cottonwood, botanical name Populus deltoides, can grow to be a large deciduous shade tree that can cast the right amount of cooling shade in the summer! These North American natives have green leaves that turn to a golden-brown color in the fall, and this adds a nice touch of the season to any landscape. Mature trees are a sight to behold and can be used as an effective windbreak too! These fast-growing trees may seasonally lose their leaves. However, this loss of leaves reveals its attractive ridged and dark gray bark!

These Cottonwood trees thrive in a spot with plenty of full sun exposure. They are tolerant of drought conditions and once established will have low to moderate water requirements. These trees have been a longtime favorite for homeowners as well as landscapers as much for their looks as for their easy to care for attributes. And don’t worry, these are the cotton-less variety, so you will not need to worry about too much litter!

Moon Valley Nurseries custom-grows Cottonwood trees on our farms, in our local climate so that they are ready to thrive in your landscape. Since we are the growers, we can assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere!

Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location today and allow us to help you handpick the perfect tree for the perfect spot in your yard. We have Cottonwood trees available in a range of sizes, and with free professional planting available on box size trees, it cannot get any easier to have an instant, beautiful new landscape!


Fast growing

Produces a golden-brown fall color that feels very seasonal

Long time favorite for ease of growth

Popular along the streets of many cities