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Indian Laurel Columns (Ficus nitida columns)


Indian Laurel Columns

Ficus nitida 'Columns'

Indian Laurel Columns, Ficus nitida 'Columns', is also known as the Hollywood Hedge. These majestic beauties are a common sight in Southern California and throughout the Southwest. Native to Asia and Hawaii, these super green beauties are some of the best hedges for planting along a fence. Plant a living wall to create instant privacy with a lush green background. The Hollywood Hedge is an excellent privacy screen for tract homes. Versatile, Ficus Nitida Columns can be used in formal or informal garden settings. They look great used as a patio tree, near pools or property lines.

A medium to large tree, heat tolerant Ficus Nitida Columns can grow fast once the heat hits. In fact, these green beauties are drought tolerant once established. This water-wise tree loves the heat and thrives in desert environments, as well as urban environments.

Could your landscape use more greenery? These good-looking trees are sure to bring a nice green splash to your landscape. As great as they are for privacy, when strategically placed in the landscape, Ficus Nitida Columns can provide a nice shady area too. Feel free to speak with a Moon Valley Nurseries professional for placement ideas.

Ficus Nitida Columns are easy to maintain and a great hedge for homeowners looking for a fast growing privacy screen. Easy to prune, homeowners can keep these trees small and narrow or let them grow tall and majestic. No matter how you choose to let Ficus Nitida Columns grow, they are sure to bring beauty to any landscape.

If you are looking for an evergreen living wall with year-round interest, plant Ficus Nitida Columns. Moon Valley Nurseries offers beautiful, healthy and vibrant trees for sale. We only grow ours from our own premium quality specimens and can assure their quality! Add more value to your home with a landscape full of lush greenery. You buy it - we can deliver and plant it!

  • Medium to large tree
  • Ficus nitida hedge add lush privacy features - fast growing privacy screen!
  • Beautiful shade tree
  • Effective natural sound barrier
  • Also known as the Hollywood Hedge


Fast growing dense evergreen foliage

Great tree for privacy, screening from golf balls, and sound barrier

Handles pruning to almost any shape and size

Handles summer heat very well and thrives in desert environments