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Strawberry Tree (Arbutus 'Marina')


Strawberry Tree

Arbutus 'Marina'

The Strawberry Tree, Arbutus 'Marina' is certain to be the next magnificent centerpiece in your patio or garden. Arbutus 'Marina' is an evergreen hybrid and a medium sized tree with rosy pink fall flowers that can bring a strikingly beautiful look to any landscape design. With its twisted, glossy reddish trunks, pretty fruit, and perky little flowers, this Strawberry Tree is sure to fit nicely into many garden situations and conditions. Homeowners may want add nighttime landscape lighting to highlight the beautiful features of the multi-trunk structure and set the "wow" factor on high.

This Strawberry Tree is an excellent design plant that will bring year round interest to your garden. Homeowners in Southern California will appreciate its drought tolerant features. In fact, Arbutus 'Marina' thrives in the Southern California sunshine and needs little water once established.

As a medium-sized evergreen, you can expect a decent amount of dense shade once it starts to grow taller and the crown spreads out. It is a slow to moderate grower, but if you are looking for a mature Strawberry tree with lots of shade capabilities, Moon Valley Nurseries has a large inventory of beautiful, medium sized trees ready to be delivered and planted into your landscape by our experienced crew.

Homeowners in Southern California looking for a waterwise tree with lots of beauty and character will find much to love about this gorgeous conversation starter. This Strawberry tree fits well with a variety of landscape themes, including desert themes surrounded by succulents. Some homeowners may want to make this tree a focal point in a colorful garden, rising up with a mix of California natives such as Manzanita and Ceanothus.

Moon Valley Nurseries offers free design consultation services at our nurseries so that we can help you plan a colorful, eye-pleasing garden landscape for your property in Southern California.


Small to medium evergreen tree

Naturally adapted to dry summer climates

Produces beautiful white showy flowers fall through winter

Spreads quite wide as it grows taller and produces dense shade