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Texas Walnut (Juglans microcarpa)


Texas Walnut

Juglans microcarpa

  • Other common names include Little Walnut, Nogalito, Dwarf Walnut
  • Highly prized wood used for furniture, cabinets, paneling and veneer
  • A miniature version of the Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)
  • Attracts birds and butterflies
  • Attractive green foliage and interesting bark
  • The nuts produced are a valuable food source for many small mammals

The Texas Walnut is a small to medium sized shade tree and is typically found near streams and rivers and looks right at home in any Houston landscape. Also known by its botanical name Juglans microcarpa, this is a smaller version of its relative the Black Walnut, so it’s an ideal tree for any size yard that could use a beautiful tree that can also provide a nice amount of shade. We also like to plant these small to medium trees to block unwanted views and they’re also a good choice for use as a windbreak on any landscape. If you’re the type that likes to do woodwork, then you know that these tree are prized for their wood, which is used to make furniture, cabinets, paneling and veneer.

Texas Walnut trees love to grow in an area that gets plenty of full sun exposure and once establish, will require low to moderate watering. This tree can tolerate a variety of soils, including clay, so it loves to grow in the Houston area. If you want a walnut tree but don’t have the yard size for one, this is the tree for you. Since they are smaller in size, we like to plant them as a single specimen on smaller lots and when used in a wildlife garden, they will attract birds and butterflies, so get out your camera!

The Texas Walnut is a great tree for many landscape settings. Relax under its umbrella-like canopy during those sunny Texas days and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.


Attract Butterflies

Medium size tree adaptable to many applications