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Ficus Nitida Multi-Trunk

Ficus Nitida Multi-Trunk

Ficus microcarpa 'Nitida'

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Fast growing dense evergreen foliage
  • Great tree for privacy, screening from golf balls, and sound barrier
  • Handles pruning to almost any shape and size
  • Handles summer heat very well and thrives in desert environments
Ficus Nitida Multi-Trunk

This Ficus Nitida, Ficus microcarpa 'Nitida', is a multi-trunk, medium to large shade tree that goes well with all types of landscapes in the Southwest. Native to Asia and Hawaii, Ficus Nitida is commonly referred to as the Indian Laurel Fig, is one of the all-time best selling shade trees. A moderate to fast grower, this evergreen multi-trunk tree features lush green foliage that goes well with tropical landscapes, so feel free to plant with palms. Heat tolerant and drought tolerant once established, this majestic beauty thrives in the sun.

Ficus Nitida Multi-Trunk trees feature an attractive, open natural shape that can provide a generous amount of shade once fully grown. The lush green foliage contrasts beautifully with its attractive white trunk. Many homeowners will use the Ficus Nitida as a tasteful tree to block out unwanted views or plant near a busy street for use as a sound barrier.

Homeowners looking to create a private, tropical themed oasis may want to plant Ficus Nitida trees in their backyard. Buy as big as you can to take advantage of the many benefits provided by a mature specimen. Moon Valley Nurseries offers mature Indian Laurel Fig (Ficus Nitida) trees for sale that are grown and nurtured by nursery professionals right here on our huge nurseries.

Families will love this Ficus Nitida Multi-Trunk, too. Once grown into a large tree, it becomes a great climbing tree just begging to be explored. You can even attach a tire swing. With so many useful characteristics, it is easy to see why the tree form Ficus Nitida Multi-Trunk is so popular with homeowners in the Southwest.

Visit Moon Valley Nurseries to see these majestic beauties for yourself. We grow ours only from premium quality specimens and can assure their quality! Feel free to speak with our nursery pro and ask us about placement ideas. Excellent for a privacy hedge, controlling noise from roadways, and for creating a beautiful focal point in any landscape. We offer free design consultation at our nurseries and offsite design consultation for a small fee! You buy it - we can deliver and plant it!

  • Lush and beautiful medium to large shade tree - one of the all-time best selling shade trees!
  • A ficus nitida hedge that is also excellent for privacy and as a natural sound barrier
  • Great climbing tree
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