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Anna Apple Tree (Malus domestica ‘Anna’)


Anna Apple

Malus domestica ‘Anna’

  • Perfectly adapted to southern conditions
  • Very sweet and crisp apples, taste like a ‘Gala’
  • May develop both spring and fall crops
  • Shaped like a Red Delicious
  • Stores well, perfect for making apple pies, baked apples or eating one plucked straight from the tree

We’ve got the low-chill Anna Apple trees available at Big Tex, which adapt well to the hot, southern conditions of Houston. This tree is among the best choices for growing in the South! If you love the taste of apples, you’ll absolutely enjoy the very sweet and crisp taste, which is similar to the popular ‘Gala’ apples. One bite into this firm and juicy fruit will have your taste buds reeling with joy. We love this tree because it’s self-fertile and can produce fast and productive harvests, so plant one or two and enjoy a bounty of sweet and delicious fruit grown your way.

Growing your own fruit means you have control over how you grow them. You’ll feel better knowing exactly where your food comes from and at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have the citrus and fruit trees you want to get started on an edible landscape. Grow your own and taste the difference!

Anna apple trees are easy to grow too. They love full sun exposure and once established, require low to moderate watering. These are more than just excellent fruit bearers. Anna trees can grow to be medium-sized trees and they feature attractive green foliage and showy spring flowers, so they look good anywhere in your landscape.

Get ready to sink your teeth into a sweet and juicy apple. Come to visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted and treated with our specialized Supercharged Moon Juice and Moon Dust fertilizer to get your plants growing just right!