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Lemon Bottlebrush Tree (Callistemon citrinus)


Lemon Bottle Brush

Callistemon citrunus

The Lemon Bottlebrush, botanical name Callistemon citrinus, is an attractive and versatile bottle brush plant that can be used as a shrub or as a medium sized tree. From southeastern Australia, this beautiful plant features striking red flowers that resemble the look of a bottle brush. Though the flowers are bright red, the flowers have a lemony scent, hence the common name. Pollinators, butterflies, and especially hummingbirds are attracted to the fragrant flowers of this fast growing evergreen.

Homeowners will often use this plant as an effective and beautiful privacy screen hedge to block out unwanted views or for use as a border. It loves the heat, is cold hardy, and tolerates poor soil, making it a great choice for a variety of landscapes. The Lemon Bottlebrush will require low to moderate water use and loves full sun. Feel free to speak with a Moon Valley Nurseries professional for placement ideas.

Homeowners looking for an evergreen with year-round interest will admire the nice contrast provided by the red flowers and green foliage. Some utilize the pretty flowers and woody capsule seeds in floral arrangements. In fact, the Lemon Bottlebrush will bloom in winter in warmer climates – just in time for holiday floral arrangements! This plant retains its good looks all year long as the bright red flowers appear in waves throughout the year and the red new growth matures to green.

Moon Valley Nurseries offers thriving Lemon Bottlebrush plants as shrub or tree forms. It can also be pruned to form a single trunk or into a multi-trunked small tree. We grow and nurture the finest evergreen trees ready to be planted into your landscape. Homeowners can count on us for free professional planting on all box sized trees and the best warranty in the industry. Be sure to plant with our line of Moon Valley Nurseries fertilizers for spectacular results!


Beautiful red tropical bottlebrush blooms

Colorful shade tree to add to gardens

Strong medium sized evergreen tree

Grows great in desert climates