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Teddy Bear Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora 'Southern Charm')


Teddy Bear Magnolia

Magnolia grandiflora 'Southern Charm'

  • Large creamy white fragrant flowers appear in the warm months
  • Provides year-round interest
  • Dense growth habit with compact, narrow canopies
  • Can be used to create an evergreen privacy hedge
  • A dwarf Southern Magnolia ideal for smaller yards!
  • An excellent choice as a small specimen or accent

The Teddy Bear Magnolia is a smaller species of the grandiflora set, these trees will reach 15-20' tall when mature but are more narrow in width only reaching about 6' wide. These are easily kept smaller for tighter spaces and can be used as a hedge for privacy and for shade. Teddy Bear Magnolia trees have a dark green larger leaf that has a heavily felted underside that is a brilliant copper tone. These trees thrive in full sun and grow from Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and well into Texas.

Like other magnolia's these trees have a long bloom period in which the tree continues to push out large white blooms from early summer to fall. These large cream colored blooms have a strong fragrance that fills the air throughout the season. These are evergreen trees that are also fairly clean and easy to maintain, once established these trees become a water-wise choice as well, preferring to dry out between each watering. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing these trees for over 25 years and our inventory is only grown from our most prized specimens. Stop into any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and allow one of our expertly trained nursery pros to help you select the best trees for your landscape goals.


Large white fragrant blooms

Evergreen even in the coldest winters

Full sun

Easy to grow and establish