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Icee Blue Podocarpus

Icee Blue Podocarpus

Podocarpus elongatus ‘Icee Moon’

  • Great for creating a colorful privacy hedge
  • Full to part sun
  • Distinct blue foliage year-round
  • Vivid red skin color
  • Works in lawns or gravel landscapes
  • Low water once established
  • 35,287 Trees in stock now
Icee Blue Podocarpus

The Icee Moon or Icee Blue Podocarpus is a special strain grown by Moon Valley Nurseries for its beautiful blue color and dense foliage. Grown from our perfect specimen mother trees, the Icee Moon is only available at Moon Valley Nurseries. A member of the conifer family of trees, they have an upright or columnar style of growth.

What makes podocarpus so appealing is the ease of care, these trees are evergreen and have very little droppings throughout the year. This makes these types of trees perfect for nearly any landscape style. These can be planted near pools, walls, homes without worry of much cleanup. These dense shade trees are perfect for blocking out unwanted views, creating much-desired privacy in your landscape. These trees are going to be on the smaller side and require very little in the way of pruning.

No matter the size of the landscape, the Icee Moon Podocarpus is a perfect addition to your landscape. Use as a stand-alone focal point, plant in planters, or use to create a perfect privacy hedge. The Icee Moon Podocarpus is only available from Moon Valley Nurseries to stop in and experience the difference for yourself.

Any of our nursery professionals will be glad to pick out the perfect trees for the ideal location in your yard. Come visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted and treated with our specialized Supercharged Moon Juice and Moon Dust fertilizer to get your plants growing just right!


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