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King Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae)


King Palm

Archontophoenix alexandrae

Its multi-colored trunk, clean appearance, and dark green fronds have made the Archontophoenix alexandrae, known as the King Palm, a popular choice for homeowners in Southern California.

When it comes to color, the King Palm is one of the best palm varieties for Southern California. The trunk is smooth with a lime-green crown shaft, which is a collection of leaf bases of the plant all wrapped around one another. As the King Palm grows the oldest fronds pull away from the trunk exposing the brown trunk with growth rings. At the top, dark-green fronds rarely drop below the crown shaft adding a rich color that makes the lime-green crown shaft pop. And if you needed more color, the King Palm also produces seasonal eye-catching flowers that bloom in purple with a white undertone.

King Palms are some of the best palms to plant around pools, tropical landscapes, or as focal points in front of a home for a “wow” factor. As the King Palm develops, it does produce a great canopy of shade. Native to Queensland tropical rainforests in Australia, the King Palm is a slow growing palm that requires minimal maintenance. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow our King Palms in full sun in our local climate. We also grow our King Palms from the best seeds and this process allows us to offer the best King Palms in Southern California. Our King Palms are extremely hardy, drought resistance, and require minimal water.

When it comes to King Palms, be sure to visit Moon Valley nurseries and ask about a free design consultation.


Custom grown to be extra hardy in heat or cold!

Thick trunks, full canopies & loves full sun

Extremely durable specimens built to thrive in the desert climate

Most popular palm in SoCal