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Liquid Amber

Liquid Amber

Liquidambar styraciflua

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Also known as the 'American Sweetgum'
  • Prefer and thrive in full sun
  • Five-point, maple-like leaves and hard spiked fruits
  • Unbelievable fall color
Liquid Amber

Liquid Amber trees are brilliant. Water-wise, deciduous trees often are grown for their amazing show of vibrant fall color and maple-like leaves. The 'Sweet Gum', as it is often referred, is a medium to large tree on average and grows in a symmetrical shape that crowns into a cone-like shape. They thrive in full sun and are great around patios or when used as a centerpiece in many landscape styles.

The real brilliance of the Liquid Amber can be seen during the fall when its rich dark green, shiny, maple-like leaves turn a vibrant orange, red and purple. This transformation resembles that of a flame and will leave all of your neighbors drooling with envy.

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