Mexican Blue Palm

Mexican Blue Palm

Brahea armata

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Rare, slow growing fan palm
  • Very dramatic, silver - blue color
  • Very Hardy
  • Native to Baja peninsula of Mexico
Mexican Blue Palm

The Mexican Blue Palm, Brahea armata, features dramatic silvery blue foliage and a strikingly beautiful look that is sure to enhance any landscape. Native to Baja California, the stunning look of this medium to large palm tree will fit well with a variety of landscape designs ranging from tropical to Mediterranean and even moderate desert styles. These sturdy, eye-pleasing palms are perfectly suited for use as street trees and for adding stunning vertical effects in large gardens throughout the Southwest.

A beauty during the day or night, this Mexican Blue Palm tree is bound to be a focal point in your landscape. Feel free to display the spectacular foliage color, conspicuous creamy flowers and attractive trunk with landscape night lighting. Plant this stunning beauty with other palm varieties or use it to break up the greenery in your garden and add a striking color contrast that is sure to strike up a conversation.

Extremely hardy, this Mexican Blue Palm thrives in full sun and can take the heat and wind, so it's a good choice for Southwestern landscapes. It is a rare, slow growing, drought tolerant palm that needs little to low water requirements once established. Due to its slow growth rate, buy as big as you can. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow and nurture these rare palms on our farms, ready to adorn your landscape with beauty. Please note that this is a rare palm, contact our nurseries for our current available sizes.

This Mexican Blue Palm is sure to add value to your home, no matter where you choose to plant it. Feel free to speak with our nursery pro for placement ideas and while you're here, take advantage of our free design consultation. Plant with Moon Valley Nurseries Super Charged Moon Juice and All Natural Planting Mulch for spectacular results. Let our experienced crew do all the work. You buy it '“ we can deliver and plant it!

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A very rare palm, originally native to the Baja California Peninsula. Extremely well adapted for just about the entire Western U.S.

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