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Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)


Southern Magnolia

Magnolia grandiflora

Nothing signifies spring and summer like the sweet aroma from the Southern Magnolia tree. These beautiful specimens are easily identifiable by their large glossy leaves and giant creamy, white, fragrant blooms. Growing more upright than wide makes the Southern Magnolia one that can be planted nearly everywhere with ease. This is a moderate sized tree that works in many landscape applications and once established likes to dry out between deep waterings, making this a perfect tree for use in water wise landscapes as well.

  • Large Blooms Spring Through Summer
  • Very Fragrant!
  • Easy to Grow in All Landscape Styles
  • Plant Near Windows to Lower Utilities
  • Plant on Slopes for Erosion Control
  • Very Clean, Can be Planted Near Pools and Patios
  • Water wise once established


Large creamy white spring/summer blooms

Medium size tree adaptable to many applications

Evergreen even in the coldest winters

Works in many landscape settings