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    Ponytail Palm

    Beaucarnea recurvata

    Unique for its swollen trunk base where it stores water, the Ponytail Palm is considered extremely hardy and...

    Mule Palm

    X Butiagrus nabonnandii

    The Mule Palm, botanical name X Butiagrus nabonnandii, is a hybrid of two popular palms, the Pindo Palm and...

    Ribbon Palm

    Livistona decipiens

    The Ribbon Palm is a great accent palm for just about any landscape as its delicate, fanning fronds dangle to...

    Maxima King Palm

    Archontophoenix maxima

    The largest of the tall and slender Archontophoenix species, these elegant and stately palms feature large...

    Royal Palm

    Roystonea regia

    One of the most prestigious looking palm trees in the world that can add that 'little slice of paradise' to...

    Needle Palm

    Rhapidophyllum hystrix

    Needle Palms are a small and slow-growing accent palm widely prized for the clumping style growth rarely seen...

    Areca Palm

    Dypsis lutescens

    Areca Palms can be used indoors as a beautiful and efficient indoor humidifier. Also, a great choice as...

    Hybrid Fan Palm

    Washingtonia hybrid

    Moon Valley Nurseries Hybrid Fan Palm details and information. Learn more about Moon Valley Nurseries trees...

    Madagascar Palm

    Pachypodium lamerei

    Sure to be a conversation starter, this unique-looking beauty is actually an easy-to-grow, semi-succulent...

    Bismarck Palm

    Bismarckia nobilis

    Bismarck Palms produce a very large and wide reaching frond with a blue-green tint for a unique look...

    Cardboard Palm

    Zamia furfuracea

    A cycad with a broad range of uses. Can be used outdoors in groups for a dramatic tropical effect or as a...

    Kentia Palm

    Howea forsteriana

    Small to medium size palm with beautiful weeping fronds. Its unique look is perfect for smaller landscapes.

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