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Palm Paradise

In order to continue bringing the best service and selection of trees to every homeowner, Moon Valley Nurseries opened our specialty palm nursery carrying exclusive and rare specimens of palms and tropical plants. Formed from decades of growing and planning, we are honored to welcome you to Palm Paradise! This location specializes in the best palm trees and tropical plants but still has the quality, service, and great experience you have come to expect from Moon Valley Nurseries. Located in beautiful San Diego County, Palm Paradise has the largest selection of palms and tropical plants in the SoCal area. Looking for that perfect tropical escape in your backyard? Then look no further than Palm Paradise.


Walking Through Paradise

Imagine traveling to a tropical island or resort destination only to handpick exotic plants for your backyard. To be able to choose from any of the varieties of palm trees, tropical flowering plants, ancient cycads, palmettos, or dwarf palms. This is what a trip to Palm Paradise grants you. Looking for Date Palms, Mediterranean Fan Palms, Piru Queen Palms, King Palms, Mule Palms, Sago Palms, Pygmy Date Palms, Mexican Fan Palms, or California Fan Palms? They're all here! Whether you want fast-growing palm trees, drought-tolerant palms, slow-growing palms, fan-shaped palms, cold-hardy palms, or any other kind of palm tree, you can find them all at Moon Valley Nurseries' Palm Paradise.

Enjoy browsing our private collection of exotic tropical palms and other unique plant specimens, all grown to our exacting standards in our local area. This offers you the ability to take home your favorite one-of-a-kind palms while ensuring they will be happy and healthy in your landscape.

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    Maxima King Palm

    Archontophoenix maxima

    The largest of the tall and slender Archontophoenix species, these elegant and stately palms feature large...

    Royal Palm

    Roystonea regia

    One of the most prestigious looking palm trees in the world that can add that 'little slice of paradise' to...

    Needle Palm

    Rhapidophyllum hystrix

    Needle Palms are a small and slow-growing accent palm widely prized for the clumping style growth rarely seen...

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