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King Kong Fishtail (Caryota gigas)


King Kong Fishtail Palm

Caryota gigas

The King Kong Fishtail Palm, Caryota gigas, is a medium sized palm, noted for its uniquely shaped, huge dark-green fishtail-like fronds that can bring a relaxing, tropical rainforest feel into any landscape. This beautiful palm is loaded with the fishtail-shaped leaves that not only bring a slice of paradise into your yard - a bigger specimen’s canopy will also provide a good amount of tropical shade too.

Cold hardy, King Kong Fishtail Palms will thrive with full sun to partial shade exposure. They require low to moderate water use once established and have a slow to moderate growth rate.

A native of Thailand, Moon Valley Nurseries offers Caryota gigas available in a variety of sizes, grown and nurtured by our nursery professionals. We recommend buying as big as you can to take advantage of the calming nature these mature specimens provide! No matter what size you choose, King Kong Fishtail palms are sure to enhance and add value to any landscape.

A spectacular-looking palm day or night, King Kong Fishtail Palms are incredible landscape palms for larger yards and are sure to impress no matter where you plant one. Create a dramatic nighttime effect in your landscape with landscape lighting that highlights the unique, attractive, huge fishtail-like foliage and single trunk. Feel free to speak with a Moon Valley Nurseries professional for placement ideas.

With our professional landscape design consultation services we can help create your dream tropical themed landscape today! Design consultation is always free at our nursery locations and just a small fee for offsite design services.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, our professional planting and delivery service will ensure your dream landscape is planted just right! We make sure to treat and plant your new King Kong Fishtail Palm with our specialized Super Palm Juice and Moon Dust fertilizers for optimal palm tree performance. Let us do the work! We can mix and match any size job and deliver and plant straight to your location!


Jagged fishtail-like fronds

Alternative to clumping bamboo

Great tropical privacy look

Clustering palm grows dense and full