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Sabal Palm (Sabal palmetto)


Sabal Palm

Sabal palmetto

  • Other names include the Cabbage Palm, Cabbage Palmetto
  • Very cold hardy and thrives in Houston's climate
  • More than just an eye-pleasing palm, the edible immature leaves, or “palm heart” can be a tasty addition for use in salads!
  • The Seminole, Houma, Choctaw, and other Native American peoples in the southeastern United States used cabbage palmetto for a wide variety of purposes, including food and housing

The Sabal Palm, also known as Sabal palmetto, is a medium-sized, slow growing palm that is native to the southeastern US and West Bahamas. They are tough, versatile and ready to bring a little slice of paradise into your yard! When first planted, the Sabal Palm looks like tree fronds growing straight up from the ground, and as it matures they can grow with unique curves and character. We love to plant them as street trees, for the patio or terrace, and around swimming pools and spas where their trunk and fronds can cast a distinctive shadow of filtered shade. Their large, green-colored fronds and uniquely shaped trunk will also look amazing when lit up with nighttime landscape lighting! Plant a few and they can also be used as one of the most tropical hedges you can find!

Their adaptability to a wide range of environments and their ability to adapt to most types of soils makes them an excellent choice for our area. Super versatile and cold hardy, Sabal palmettos are easy to grow and love the full sun. If you dread pruning and maintaining palms, you’ll be happy to know that cabbage palms have very little maintenance and pruning requirements. Also, once established these palms can tolerate drought, standing water and brackish water.

Due to their slower growth rate we recommend buying as big as you can to bring natural maturity to your site. Moon Valley Nurseries is the largest specimen tree grower in the United States with bigger Sabal palms ready to be delivered and planted by our professional landscaping crew. In fact, our professional planting and delivery services will get any sized order planted and treated with our specialized Super Palm Juice and Moon Dust fertilizer to get your plants growing just right. This is an excellent palm for a wide range of landscaping applications!


Medium size, slower growing

Cold hardy and thrives in full sun

Very wide variety of landscape applications

Low maintenance and little pruning