Shumard Oak

Shumard Oak

Quercus shumardii

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  • Beautiful Red Fall Color
  • A great landscape tree
  • Easy to grow
Shumard Oak

Shumard Oak

Quercus shumardii

  • Fast growing yet hardy, stable tree
  • Wide spreading canopy sits atop a large trunk
  • Rich green leaves turn a deep scarlet in the fall
  • Popular shade provider that's drought tolerant

The classic looking oak tree is one that is prized for it's larger leaves and abundant shade producing abilities. The Shumard Oak is one that grows more pyramidal in it's younger stages then it will branch out creating a more vase like look offering a beautiful structure as well as ample shade. This particular oak works well in all landscapes due to its ability to establish quickly and become a more drought tolerant water wise tree. Shumard Oaks are one of the more easily identifiable oak trees as well, it's shiny dark green leaves can reach 8\ long with deep spiny looking lobes. Late fall color turns the tree a vibrant red that stays with the tree for a few weeks before shedding it's old growth in preparation to push out new spring growth.

The Shumard Oak is a faster-growing oak species that is considered a medium sized tree which is very durable and long-lived. The many uses of this tree make it a perfect addition to your landscape

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