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African Sumac

African Sumac

Rhus lancea

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Superior drought tolerance
  • Provides vigorous green growth all year long
  • Easy to prune or shear into desired shape and form
  • Durable, thrives in intense desert heat, cold and able to withstand high wind
African Sumac

African Sumac

Rhus lancea

African Sumac offers superior drought tolerance so that it is a favorite shade tree for yards throughout the Southwest! Rhus lancea is from South Africa and features evergreen leaves so that they can provide great greenery all year long. We like to plant them as a useful screen, or tall hedge and their ability to withstand high wind make them ideal for use as a windbreak too. Specimens are stunning in a grassy area and begging to be explored by kids of all ages! An African Sumac tree is perfect for hot, dry, climates and for anyone that is looking for an attractive shade tree with a long lifespan.

A Rhus lancea African Sumac can be trained to a single trunk or allowed to grow into a multi-trunk tree with a look that resembles an olive tree. They are easy to prune or shear and have minimal maintenance requirements too! These are durable Rhus lancea that thrive in intense desert heat, can tolerate cold, and are very drought tolerant with little to moderate water needs once established. Plant them in a spot with full sun to partial shade exposure and enjoy its umbrella-shaped form and low canopy that offers a cool shady spot for relief from the blazing sun!

Buy big trees if you are looking for an instant landscape and instant gratification! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow the big trees that people want, including the African Sumac. We value engineer our trees, so you get the most bang for your buck. Visit us today, and we will be glad to help you handpick the perfect specimens for the perfect spot in your yard!

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