Plumeria (Plumeria rubra)


Plumeria, commonly referred to as the ‘Hawaiian Lei Flower’, are tropical trees famous for their gorgeous display of leathery leaves, thick stems and stunning variety of colorful flowers. Plumerias can grow in large shrub form or small trees in subtropical areas. In cooler areas, Plumeria can be grown in containers and do exceptionally well.

During the early summer months through the fall, Plumeria put on the show of the year. Watch as they explode with fragrant clusters of showy, wax-like flowers, perfect for a homemade Hawaiian lei. The smells that exude from the Plumeria flower boast of jasmine, citrus, spices, gardenia and more. Reward yourself and your landscape with one of the most beautiful flowering trees in our region.


Tropical, showy flowers

Grows well in pots and containers

Fragrant blooms in Summer

Can be grown as a shrub or small tree