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    Ficus Indian Laurel

    Ficus nitida

    Ficus nitida is one of the best trees you can plant. Great for any landscape. Our number one seller for over...

    Oleander Tree

    Nerium oleander

    A rare combination of being an evergreen and producing vibrant color, makes the Oleander tree useful in many...


    Dalbergia sissoo

    Drought tolerant, large shade-providing tree with bright green foliage. Sissoo has an Aspen-like look and...

    Japanese Blueberry

    Elaeocarpus decipiens

    Sought after for the thick, hardy canopies they grow that are highly resistant to the elements. A dependable...

    Italian Stone Pine

    Pinus pinea

    The most unique of all pine varieties, the Italian Stone Pine displays a rounded, umbrella-like canopy.

    Weeping Fig

    Ficus benjamina

    Weeping Fig has a dense, rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches. An excellent evergreen shade tree...

    Rusty Fig Tree

    Ficus rubiginosa

    The Rusty Fig Tree, also known as Ficus Rubiginosa, is a densely spreading shade tree when they mature. The...

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Ficus lyrata

    Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular houseplant and outdoors they are perfect for planting in groups along the edge...

    Texas Ebony

    Pithecellobium flexicaule

    This highly decorative tree produces beautiful cream colored, fragrant flower clusters that bloom in the late...


    Olneya tesota

    An excellent choice for desert style landscapes. Unique trunk patterns, showy pinkish flowers, and foliage...


    Cinnamomum camphora

    Camphor trees produce an unmistakable and pleasant fragrance while producing abundant amounts of year-round...

    Lemon Bottlebrush Tree

    Callistemon citrinus

    Named for its brush-shaped flowers that are peppered throughout the foliage. Canopies grow thick and green...

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