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    Lamb Hass Avocado

    Persea Americana ‘Lamb’

    The Lamb Hass Avocado tree is a hybrid of the well known Hass Avocado and Gwen Avocado.

    Reed Avocado

    Persea Americana ‘Reed’

    Reed Avocado trees are similar in growth and appearance to other avocado varieties. 

    Fuerte Avocado

    Persea Americana ‘Fuerte’

    Fuerte Avocado trees produce a darker yellow creamy fleshed fruit that is a hybrid of the Mexican and...

    Bacon Avocado

    Persea Americana ‘Bacon’

    The Bacon Avocado is an oval-shaped fruit with smooth thin speckled dark green skin. 

    Red Delicious Apple

    Malus domestica ‘Red Delicious’

    The Red Delicious Apple tree is a beautiful tree to have in any landscape, giving you something to admire...

    3 in 1 Apple Tree

    Malus domestica ‘3 in 1’

    The 3 in 1 apple tree features 3 different apple varieties all grown on one tree.

    Golden Dorsett Apple

    Malus domestica ‘Golden Dorsett’

    Nothing can be more rewarding than growing your own sustainable fruit right in your backyard.

    All in One Almond Tree

    Prunus dulcis ‘all in one’

    This self-fertile Almond cultivar is ideal for production in nearly all home landscapes.

    Cocktail Grapefruit

    Citrus x paradise ‘Cocktail’

    Actually, a hybrid of Mandarin cultivar and Pumelo, the Cocktail Grapefruit also goes by the name...

    Aprium Flavor Delight

    Prunus Aprium ‘Flavor Delight’

    This amazing and unique fruit is an "interspecific apricot" meaning though it looks mostly like an apricot,...

    Royal Lee Cherry

    Prunus avium ‘Royal Lee’

    This newer, ultra-sweet yet delicious cherry requires very low winter cooling and is ideal for reliable...

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