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    King Palm

    Archontophoenix alexandrae

    Its multi-colored trunk, clean appearance, and dark green fronds have made this palm a popular choice for...

    Pineapple Palm (Canary Island Date Palm)

    Phoenix canariensis

    An extremely durable and hardy palm that looks like a pineapple during its first decade of growth. Elegant,...

    Kentia Palm

    Howea forsteriana

    Small to medium sized palm with beautiful weeping fronds. Its unique look is perfect for smaller landscapes.

    Date Palm

    Phoenix dactylifera

    Big marquee palm trees often seen in shopping centers, businesses, and malls. Adds Instant appeal and class...

    Pygmy Date Palm

    Phoenix roebelenii

    This is the best selling dwarf palm at our nurseries. Plant just about anywhere a tropical splash of flavor...

    Mexican Fan Palm

    Washingtonia robusta

    This is one of the best selling and easiest to grow palms that we carry. We have the largest quantity of...

    Sago Palm

    Cycas revoluta

    Sago palms add a fantastic and organized look just about anywhere they're planted. Plant multiple specimens...

    Mediterranean Fan Palm

    Chamaerops humilis

    This dwarf palm usually features multiple trunks, but can also be grown as a single trunk palm. Great for...

    Windmill Palm

    Trachycarpus fortunei

    Small to medium size palm with excellent tropical appeal. One of the most cold hardy palms available in the...

    King Kong Fishtail

    Caryota gigas

    Medium-sized palm, noted for its uniquely shaped, huge dark-green fishtail-like fronds. Adds a calming,...

    Majesty Palm

    Ravenea rivularis

    The Majesty Palm, loved as an indoor houseplant and this slow to moderate growing palm looks great alone on...

    Pindo Palm

    Butia capitata

    Interesting palm, easily recognized by its striking silver-green, graceful, arching fronds. One of the...

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