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Irish Rose

Irish Rose

Aeonium arboreum

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  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Low maintenance / pruning
  • Full sun
  • Use in gardens, pots, rock gardens and borders
Irish Rose

Irish Rose

Aeonium arboreum

Succulents are becoming more and more popular every year largely due to the fact that they are so easy to grow and maintain. Succulents such as Irish Rose, botanical name Aeonium arboreum are one of the more popular succulent varieties due to its many landscape and decorative uses. Native to the Canary Island where Aeonium grows wild on the hills sides in the drier desert regions, these succulents are very showy with rosette-style leaves that will have large stocks of yellow blooms grow in the spring. Once each rosette blooms, it will die off and be ready for a new one to take its place.

Aeonium, Irish Rose is a succulent but is almost tiny tree-like in its appearance. Growing a long woody stalk like trunk gives this plant some height growing up to 3' tall. It has a lime green to dark green appearance and grows a pyramidal stock from the center of the leaves that will bloom yellow star-like small flowers in spring. These are not a tight growing plant but rather longer leaves at 2-3"" each with an almost spoon-shaped appearance.

These succulents are very easy to grow and maintain as well. Aeonium not only grows well outside but inside with adequate light as well. These are a full sun succulent that requires little water and can even handle cooler temperatures above freezing as well. Like other plants, these succulents do need to be feed and we recommend monthly applications of Moon Dust and Moon Juice to keep your Irish Rose looking and growing it's best. When watering these succulents be sure not to overdo it, too frequently and the plants can rot. In the ground, these should be watered to about 12"" all around the root ball, when in pots what just enough to saturate the soil and allow to dry completely before watering again. Aeonium arboreum work in nearly all landscape styles and soil types, proper care will make these a great accent plant or potted plant. Stop into your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries today and speak with one of our certified nursery pros and allow us to help you start designing the landscape of your dreams. Selection varies seasonally, please be sure to call for current availability. Selection varies seasonally, please be sure to call for current availability.

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