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San Pedro Cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi)


San Pedro Cactus

Echinopsis pachanoi

  • Synonym Trichocereus pachanoi
  • One of the fastest growing of all columnar cacti
  • Can produce large, beautiful fragrant flowers in mid summer
  • Cold hardy
  • Easy to grow
  • Ideal for Xeriscape landscaping
  • Suitable for growing indoors
  • Suitable for growing in containers

San Pedro Cactus, botanical name Echinopsis pachanoi, is an ideal accent plant that can add lots of character and interest to any landscape! These amazing cactus plants boast light to dark green color and grow into an impressive columnar shape. Native to the Andes Mountains of Peru and Ecuador, we have San Pedro Cactus for sale ready to add breathtaking southwestern d├ęcor to a property line, used as a focal point, or lining a driveway. They can bloom in mid-summer, with large, beautiful fragrant flowers that are sure to attract all the right attention!

Are you looking for added security for your home? We also like to plant them around a house so that they can help protect your home from burglary. San Pedro Cactus is a succulent so they can also be helpful in any fire-resistant landscape design.

San Pedro Cactus care is a breeze. They thrive in a spot with plenty of warmth and light, and they can also grow in a location with partial shade exposure. These are drought tolerant once established with little to moderate watering needs. They have a fast growth rate and can grow to be tall and majestic so that they can be used to block unwanted views too!

If you have been wondering where to get San Pedro Cactus, your search ends here. We have superior quality San Pedro Cactus for sale, only grown from premium specimens at our nurseries! We have these cacti available in a variety of sizes so if you are looking for specimen size, take it easy and let our professional planting crew do all the work!


Beautiful, bright showy flowers with fragrant aroma

Cold Hardy

Grows well in pots and containers