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Sticks on Fire (Euphorbia tirucalli)


Sticks on Fire

Euphorbia tirucalli

  • Other common names include Firesticks, Firestick Plants, Aveloz, Indian Tree Spurge, Naked Lady, Pencil Tree, Pencil Cactus, Milk Bush
  • A living thing that gets better looking in stressful situations!
  • Interesting and unique coral structure – practically a coral reef for Southwest landscapes
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Salt tolerant
  • Easy to grow
  • Used in many cultures as traditional medicine

From South Africa, Sticks on Fire, botanical name Euphorbia tirucalli, can bring the awe-inspiring look of sea coral from the depths of the ocean right into the dry landscapes of the Southwest, and you can have it without having to explore the depths of the ocean floor! The blazing good looks of this succulent actually transform when there’s added stress, in fact, this is one of the rare living things that look better in stressful situations! You see, during the winter time, this sun-loving plant explodes with its prized vibrant colors that you have to see to believe! Once summer rolls around again, the bright fiery red/orange and green colors go back to a lighter green hue, which blends in perfectly with any landscape from the desert to the sea!

We love to plant Sticks on Fire where there is plenty of full sun exposure and where anyone can enjoy the display of changing colors! They look fantastic in rock gardens and make a great addition to beds and borders. They really are versatile and able to handle a variety of conditions, in fact, they’re salt tolerant, and so they are suitable for seaside gardens. Of course, desert areas will appreciate their coral-like appearance all year long too! We also love to plant them in succulent gardens, where these water-wise plants can add curb appeal without having to use too much water!

Moon Valley Nurseries loves to grow succulents and take pride in custom growing the finest quality succulents from our own private stock of premium quality specimens. We can assure their quality is the best anywhere. Come to visit one of our huge nurseries and come to see these amazing Sticks on Fire for yourself!


Large Arizona desert native shrub

Full sun