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Leucospermum 'Moonlight'

Leucospermum 'Moonlight'

Leucospermum 'Moonlight'

  • Easy to grow!
  • Drought tolerant
  • Blooming in late fall into early summer
Leucospermum 'Moonlight'


Leucospermum protea

Moonlight Leucospermum

Leucospermum is sure to brighten up any landscape style. These plants grow very easily in our soil conditions and once establish are very drought tolerant. Blooming in late fall into early summer Leucospermum will send plums of showy, vibrante, large globe or pin cushion shaped blooms a top tightly knit leaves and stems. These plants grow to 3-4' tall and wide and require little pruning, simply dead head " or remove the spent blooms once the cycle is over.

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