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Leucospermum Moonlight (Leucospermum)



Leucospermum protea

Moonlight Leucospermum

Leucospermum is sure to brighten up any landscape style. These plants grow very easily in our soil conditions and once establish are very drought tolerant. Blooming in late fall into early summer Leucospermum will send plums of showy, vibrante, large globe or pin cushion shaped blooms a top tightly knit leaves and stems. These plants grow to 3-4' tall and wide and require little pruning, simply "dead head" or remove the spent blooms once the cycle is over.

Full Sun with Good Drainage

Leucospermum can take the full sun or partial shade so will work in most landscape settings.

Soil Acidity

Leucospermum and other proteas can handle a wide range of soil conditions from acidic to alkaline.

Easy to Water

Once established, Leucospermum are considered drought tolerant and should be watered as such


Slow release fertilizers are best for these plants, Super Charged Moon Juice and Moon Dust are recommended so you do not burn the plant