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Purple Trailing Verbena (Verbena X hybrida)


Purple Trailing Verbena


  • Low spreading variety
  • Light, lacy ground cover
  • Stays very low
  • Periodic blooms Spring through Fall
  • Attracts butterflies

Planting Purple Trailing Verbena in your landscape is an excellent way to fill any barren area with bright color! This Verbena stays very low, and this low spreading variety is an ideal tender ground cover thanks to its dark green foliage accentuated by a mass of purple flowers. The color spectacle appears with periodic blooms in spring through fall and attracts butterflies, creating a magical scene that adds curb appeal and beauty. Give this plant room to spread, and it will reward you! Perfect for planting in rock gardens, slopes, and borders.

Purple Trailing Verbena is a very low maintenance plant that anyone can grow! Plant this Verbena in an area that gets plenty of full sun exposure for the best development. In fact, these are hardy plants that can take the heat, drought, and sun and still look great! Once established, they will have little to moderate watering needs, and when you apply fertilizer in the spring, it can do wonders. Big Tex Tree Nurseries has the fertilizer products these plants need to thrive in Houston!

These are excellent ground covers, and they also look great in hanging baskets, cascading over a wall or spilling over from mixed containers. Purple Trailing Verbena will fill any open space quickly, and the vivid, deep purple flowers combine well with other colors in the garden.

Visit any Moon Valley Nurseries, and our nursery pros will be glad to help you pick the perfect shrubs, trees and other plants that can increase property value. We assure the quality of everything we sell because we are the growers! Everything we grow is from premium quality specimens, and we have been doing it this way for over 20 years! See the difference!


Low growing shrub or ground cover

Low maintenance