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Red Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinnia pulcherrima)


Red Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

  • Also Known as: Pride of Barbados
  • Blooms: Showy red flowers

Red Mexican Bird of Paradise Details

The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise, also known as the Pride of Barbados, is a medium to large growing shrub. It blooms bright orange and red flowers that show from late spring through the fall. The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise is a fast-growing shrub and can get quite large.

It can grow up to 8 feet high and twice as wide, if left to grow out naturally. This colorful shrub is often seen in desert landscapes, semi-tropical settings, or planted to accent off foliage-filled backdrops or fences.

Red Mexican Bird of Paradise Basic Care

This shrub is very drought tolerant and loves the heat, especially for producing flowers. While it can take some shade, its blooms will not be as abundant without a few hours of sun. The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise will do well in any soil conditions, but flourishes in well-drained soil. Prune them down in the winter to a medium-sized shrub with a clean appearance.

It's best to cut them in the winter since the weaker branches will fall victim to the frost. This will help the healthier parts of the plant to stay stronger in the cold. As the weather warms up, you will see foliage start to grow out again.

Red Mexican Bird of Paradise Landscape Uses

You can place this shrub almost anywhere and it will fit right in with anything around it. Because it is such an easy shrub to maintain, it is a popular addition to desert and xeriscape landscapes. It will add softer texture and bright color into the environment. We love to plant these in rows of three or four lined up and fill a bare area such as unsightly block fence.

The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise is special as it adds so much fern-like foliage that adds greenery to your landscape while also adding bright red coloring for half of the year. Some people also plant this shrub in containers to add their unique look to patios or small yards. It can work wonderfully as an informal hedge all by itself or mixed in with more formal hedges for a more unique style.

The Moon Valley Difference

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer vibrant and healthy plants that are ready to provide added value and instant beauty around your home. We also offer free design consultation at all of our nursery locations with an expert designer to make your landscaping goals a reality!


Large accent shrub

Fast growing

Variety of landscape applications

Blooms Early Summer through Fall