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Aeonium 'Purple Queen' (Aeonium manriqueorum)


Aeonium ' Purple Queen'

Aeonium manriqueorum

The Aeonium 'Purple Queen' is another attractive choice when your landscaping with accent plants and succulents. These plants can grow to 3-4 feet tall and typically get to be about 2-3 feet wide. Their dark purple stems are bare and at the top is a rosette of very dark purple leaves that are nearly black. These attractive succulents have long leaves about 3-4" with a light green tight rosette center where a long stem of yellow blooms forms in the summer time.

These are a great choice for someone who is looking to make their landscape water-wise and these are also one of the few plants that is also considered to be fire-wise as well. Succulents get their name due to their tough outer flesh and thick sappy insides that holds their water for times of drought. These plants once established require very little in the way up trimming and upkeep and they work in a variety of landscape styles including pots.

Like other plants, these succulents do need to be feed and we recommend monthly applications of Moon Dust and Moon Juice to keep your succulents looking and growing it's best. When watering these succulents be sure not to over do it, to frequently and the plants can rot. In the ground these should be watered to about 12" all around the root ball, when in pots what just enough to saturate the soil and allow to dry completely before watering again. Stop into your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries today and speak with one of our certified nursery pros and allow us to help you start designing the landscape of your dreams. Selection varies seasonally, please be sure to call for current availability.


Dark Nearly Black Foliage, Very attractive accent plant

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Easy to grow and establish

Full sun