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  • Large Thick Succulent Leaves
  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Large Colorful Blooms Spring and Summer
  • Full sun


Kalanchoe species

Kalanchoe is a genus of more than 150 species of succulents that are known for their large thick leaves, colorful blooms and variation in leaf color.

Native to Madagascar, Asia, and Africa, the Kalanchoe have an upright growth pattern and can range in size from a medium shrub to just a few inches off the ground. The leaves literally have almost every color of the rainbow. Green, pink, grey, silver, orange, and even green with pink tips.The leaves are also thick and also come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are fuzzier than others while a few are coated with a white power that can protect them from bright conditions.

The flowers are the real 'œwow' factor for these succulents and one very unique aspect of the Kalanchoe is that it blooms in the winter and the flowers range in color from red, pink, yellow, or orange. The flowers extend out from the base of the succulent and there are ways to force the Kalanchoe to bloom a second time.

Like all succulents, you will want to water the Kalanchoe by soaking the soil and then letting it dry out before watering again. It can handle full sun and performs best when protected from the afternoon sun.

The Kalanchoe succulents are a fantastic option if you're looking for some stunning winter color. Your neighbors will just envy the color of your landscape. Be sure to speak to one of our nursery professionals about a free landscape design.

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