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Delivery and Planting

You Buy It, We Plant It - Guaranteed!

Our free design and consultation services ensures you get the look of your ideal yard using plants and trees that are suited for your specific environment. We factor in everything from HOA standards to community-specific weather trends to make sure your new trees and plants will thrive beautifully. Designing your new landscape is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.


1. Free Design
Bring in your plot plans, pool plans, drawings, photos or pics on your smartphone or tablet and our experts will work with you to design all of the trees and plants for your landscape project. New landscapes or remodels, low water to tropical paradise, we can create the perfect package of trees, plants and more for your yard!


2. hand pick your trees
Once design is completed, you get to hand select the exact trees that we will be bringing to your home for professional installation! Our staff will accompany you throughout our massive nurseries with amazing inventory and help you choose and tag each tree for your landscape. We will maintain perfect care of your selections until your scheduled delivery and planting date.


3. We Do the Rest!
Before you leave, we’ll furnish you with marker flags for each tree and plant we will be installing in your yard. Based on the design, you simply place the flags where each tree and plant is supposed to go. After that, relax and our experienced crews will plant all of your new trees and shrubs exactly where you’ve placed each flag! Our professional planting includes all digging, planting, mulch, Moon Juice and everything we plant is guaranteed to grow!