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Citrus japonica

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • A great landscape tree!
  • Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles
  • Loves the heat
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  • Also spelled as Cumquats
  • Small fruit-bearing trees
  • You can eat the citrus fruit whole â€' skin and all!
  • A mouth-puckering fruit with a sweet and sour taste unlike anything else!
  • Cold hardy
  • In China, they are a symbol of prosperity and used as a traditional gift at Lunar Year

Kumquat is often dubbed 'the little gem of the citrus family,” and with one bite, it's easy to see why. This is the only citrus where it's ok to eat the citrus fruit whole â€' skin and all. Since you can eat them whole, it makes sense to grow them organically, without the use of any pesticides. We have been growing all our Kumquat for decades, and we developed a custom rootstock so that it is easier than ever to grow a plentiful harvest of safe, healthy, and excellent tasting fruit.

These small fruit-bearing trees are cold hardy and have been a part of Chinese lore for centuries. The Kumquat tree loves the heat and once established have little to moderate water requirements. These citrus fruit trees thrive in our local climate, which is great news for anyone that is wishing to grow an attractive landscape tree with mouth-puckering fruit! These trees are shrubby and compact so that they are the ideal size for any size landscape. Allow them to grow free form and enjoy the sight of their attractive green foliage and the beautiful contrast with the orange fruit.

An edible landscape is an excellent way to eat better, and Kumquat fruit are nutritious fruits offering numerous health benefits such as antioxidants and essential oils. We only carry the best varieties for our area, so be sure to contact your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to see what we have in stock.

While you're at our nurseries, be sure to ask us about Limequats, a Kumquat and 'Mexican' lime hybrid that is an excellent lime substitute.

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