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Australian Bottle (Brachychiton populneus)


Australian Bottle Tree

Brachychiton populneus

  • Another common name is the Kurrajong
  • Synonym Sterculia diversifolia
  • An evergreen tree that is hardy and perfect for desert areas
  • Excellent shade tree
  • Small to medium sized tree

The Australian Bottle Tree, botanical name Brachychiton populneus, is a hardy evergreen shade tree with an attractive upright form and bright green leaves that enhance any landscape. This small to medium-sized tree is an Australian native with a narrow growth habit that makes them a favorite for use in closed-in areas. Mature trees grow a distinctive canopy shape that helps to make them one of the best shade trees in the Southwest! We love the way the green leaves glisten in the breeze, creating a scene that is at once peaceful and beautiful. We also like to use them to block unwanted views and to help build a private yard.

Australian Bottle trees are perfect for low and intermediate desert areas. Ideal for any yard in the Southwest, these trees are also appreciated in yards throughout the Las Vegas area for their ability to be planted in rows where they can be used as a windbreak and for casting massive amounts of shade relief. The bottle tree thrives in a spot with full sun exposure. These are also water-wise trees, and since they are ultra-drought tolerant, they will have little to moderate water requirements once established.

Moon Valley Nurseries is the grower of Australian Bottle trees so that we can assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere! We custom-grow these trees and nurture them so that they will thrive in your yard. We have them available in a variety of sizes, from big to small. If you are looking to create an instant landscape, we recommend buying as big as you can and allowing our professional planting crew to do all the work!


Tall and narrow evergreen shade tree

Well known for distinctive canopy shape

Bright green leaves and gray or green trunks

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant