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Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia)


Cedar Elm

Ulmus crassifolia

  • Other common names include Texas Elm, Fall Elm, Lime Elm, Basket Elm, Olmo, and Scrub Elm
  • Very hardy tree that is drought tolerant
  • Can survive in difficult soil types with little care
  • An excellent shade tree for relief from the summer heat
  • Birds such as Wild Turkeys and Pheasants thrive on the elm seeds

Cedar Elm is one of the native Texas trees that puts on a spectacular show full of light-green blossoms from later summer to early fall! Ulmus crassifolia (botanical name) is an upright or vase-shaped tree with lustrous dark green leaves and a spreading canopy that casts excellent shade from the summer heat, and since it is deciduous, it drops its golden colored leaves in the fall to let in the warming winter sun! In its native habitat, you will often find this Cedar Elm tree in woodlands, ravines and open slopes. We like to plant them in landscapes throughout Houston as a street tree to add curb appeal or as a shade tree that provides an idyllic shady spot in your landscape for cooling off from the sun!

The Cedar Elm growth rate is medium and when mature, can grow to be a large sized tree. Full sun is the ideal condition for Ulmus crassifolia, and it can survive in difficult soil types with little care – no green thumb needed! These are very hardy trees, and once established, are drought tolerant with low to moderate water requirements.

With very little care and space to grow, homeowners can expect summer shade and a golden yellow fall color spectacle that can increase property value! Visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries throughout Houston and see these native Texas trees for yourself. One look at the Cedar Elm and it is easy to see why these are a landscape favorite!

Relax while the Moon Valley professional planting team does all the work and come home to a beautiful, thriving landscape!


Heat and drought tolerant

Tolerates and thrives in a wide range of soil conditions

Large Shade Canopy