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Red Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Blaze’)


Red Maple

Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Blaze’

  • Fast growing shade provider establishes a large presence
  • "Autumn Blaze" Maple turns a bright red color in fall
  • Adaptable to all soil types & loves the humidity
  • Drought tolerant once established

The Red Maple, also known by its botanical name Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Blaze’, is an aptly named deciduous tree that puts on a spectacular show in the fall thanks to its blazing orange-red foliage that is sure to impress anyone in your neighborhood! This is a fast-growing tree and a bigger specimen features a lush canopy that provides a generous amount of shade that can cool you off during those hot and sunny Houston days! We love to plant them around a home, where we properly place them so they can can cool off hotter rooms in the summer and let in the sun heat during the winter when the leaves fall! This is one of the most popular new tree introductions in history and it’s easy to see why! Its pleasing, uniform shape, low maintenance and vibrant colors make it a favorite for both homeowners and landscapers alike! You’ll be amazed by the reliable bright red fall color!

This "Autumn Blaze" Maple tree is adaptable to all soil types and loves the humidity, so it’s an excellent choice for any landscape in Houston. It loves full sun exposure, is drought tolerant once established and has low to moderate water requirements.

This a hybrid of two famous trees, Red and Sliver Maples, and definitely captures the best quality characteristics of each tree! Plus, it gets extra bonus points for being a superior cultivar with improved disease and insect resistance, especially when compared to other red maples.

Moon Valley Nurseries is the largest box tree grower in the United States with a huge inventory, including the superior Red Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’ which is available in a variety of sizes and ready to bring natural beauty into your landscape. We can do the work! Our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted into your landscape and treated with specialized fertilizers that get your plants growing just right.


Large Shade Canopy

Drought tolerant once established