Punica granatum

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  • Beautiful, showy red flowers
  • Attract hummingbirds
  • Low to moderate water requirements and are drought tolerant
  • Grow your own fruit!
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Punica granatum

  • A fruit-bearing deciduous with fruit typically in season from September to February
  • One of the easiest fruit trees to grow and well suited for growing in arid climates
  • Pomegranate fruits are full of antioxidants and are great for juicing
  • Beautiful, showy red pomegranate flowers attract hummingbirds
  • Self-fruitful

Pomegranate, botanical name Punica granatum, is a small, fruit-bearing deciduous with the super healthy fruit typically in season from September to February. From Iran and northern India, these are also attractive, small landscape trees with shiny foliage, and they can produce showy pomegranate flowers that attract hummingbirds and add wonderful color to any landscape. Their smaller size makes them ideal for small spaces!

The Pomegranate tree is also one of the easiest fruit trees to grow and thrives in our local climate. Since they are well-suited for arid environments, once established, they have low to moderate water requirements and are drought tolerant. Plant them in a spot with full sun exposure, and they can flourish. Once they have been established in your landscape, we like to apply Moon Dust fertilizer so it can enhance fruit quality and the overall health of the plant.

We like to plant a Pomegranate tree in any backyard garden or a front yard as an accent. These are an attractive small tree no matter where you choose to plant one! Of course, the added benefit of the healthy fruit helps to make these an attractive option for our area. Homegrown fruit always tastes better!

Moon Valley Nurseries takes the guesswork out and only carries the best varieties for our area. Call or visit your nearest nursery location to find what we have in stock. We are the growers so that we can assure their quality is the best you will find anywhere! Plant and enjoy the many benefits Pomegranates can bring to your life!

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  1. Tasty fruit!
    These are Wonderful Pomegranate, they are delicious! They make such good fruit and they are big and full of juice. Moon did an awesome job for us, they planted it perfectly and the tree is just loving its new home. DON'T CUT THESE LIKE A TREE! lots of people ruin these by making trees out of them, they produce so much more fruit when you leave them be and trim only dead branches.

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