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Agapanthus africanus

  • Tropical shrub with grassy foliage
  • Clusters beautiful blue flowers on long stems
  • Grow in shade or partial sun in well drained garden soil

Evergreen perennial with grassy foliage and clusters of beautiful blue flowers on long stems. Bright green, knee-high foliage has a delicate appearance with dramatic clusters of trumpet-shaped blooms on top of long stems in late spring and fall. Best when grown in partial sun, protected from hot scorching afternoon sun. Prepare soil with a generous amount of planting mix and provide good drainage. Agapanthus like slightly acidic soil so deep water and regular applications of Moon Dust will help them look and bloom their best. Water deeply and keep the soil slightly moist in warm weather. Agapanthus are good accent plants in Tropical and Mediterranean landscapes and very effective in mass plantings.

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