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Australian Willow

Australian Willow

Geijera parviflora

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Popular along the streets of many cities
  • Works well in any landscape
  • Extremely drought tolerant
Australian Willow

Australian Willow

Geijera parviflora

This Australian Willow, Geijera parviflora, is a medium-sized tree that combines the gracefulness of a Willow tree with the toughness of a Eucalyptus tree. From Australia, this fine-textured evergreen beauty features attractive gray/green foliage with droop down hanging leaves that give it its Weeping Willow effect. The olive green leaves are pleasantly aromatic, and as the tree matures, it produces loose clusters of small, fragrant, creamy white flowers in early spring that can sometimes go into early fall. This evergreen tree likes an arid climate and one with blooming flowers is sure to attract pollinators.

Thanks to its deep, non-invasive roots and minimal litter, an Australian Willow is a fine choice for planting near sidewalks, pathways or for use as a patio tree or deck tree. Homeowners are sure to love its attractive form wherever it's planted. It can grow into a pyramid-like shape and is a fairly common tree found in parks. In fact, its low branching limbs make this is a good tree for young kids to climb. Feel free to speak with one of our nursery pros for placement ideas or a free design consultation.

This Australian Willow tree is tolerant of a variety of water conditions, it can be drought tolerant once established or can be grown in a lawn, too. A water-wise tree, this good-looking evergreen prefers full sun and will require little to moderate water. Homeowners looking for a maintenance-free tree with plenty of good looks and no pruning requirements are sure to love an Australian Willow.

If you're wanting a weeping willow tree without the problems of true willow, then this Australian Willow tree is an ideal and better option. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing the finest evergreen trees for over 20 years and has thriving Australian Willow trees available in a variety of sizes. Buy as big as you can to add instant curb appeal and value!

Be sure to plant with Moon Valley Nurseries fertilizer products for spectacular results. You buy it, we can deliver and plant it!

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