Bamboo Tree

Bamboo Care Guide

If you are looking to create a garden oasis, Golden Bamboo is a must-have. They grow best when planted in a location that receives partial to full sun exposure. They thrive in humus-rich, well-drained soils. City dwellers can brighten up their yard and create privacy. Golden Bamboo tolerates urban conditions so that it can beautify urban areas. Use them in your landscape as a barrier, for erosion control, as privacy screens, and windbreak. This is a running bamboo. Grow it in tubs for easy containment. In very hot climates, where the temperatures reach over 100 degrees, it is best to plant in fall or spring. In places where the weather is mild, you can plant bamboo any time of the year.

How to Water Bamboo

Golden Bamboo likes to have moist, wet soil with very limited drying out between watering. And, while it is a good idea to water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil, be sure not to over-water. From late spring through fall, we recommend watering two to four times per week. If you notice that the leaves are curling upwards, it’s a sign that the bamboo is dehydrated. When we water it, we want to be sure to deep soak around the root ball. Install emitters about one and a half feet from the trunk. If you are using a water hose, set the hose on a slow trickle so that it can thoroughly saturate the root ball.

How to Fertilize Your Bamboo

Did you know that Golden Bamboo is a giant grass? Like grass in a lawn, it responds well to nitrogen fertilizer. You can add a natural source of nitrogen with manure or compost, too. A great thing about fertilizing bamboo is that it is hard to over-fertilize it. We recommend feeding with Moon Dust three times a year. To make it easier to remember, we recommend fertilizing with Moon Dust on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Valentine’s Day. You can also apply Moon Juice every month. If you live in Arizona and Nevada, we recommend supplementing with our Soil and Water Conditioner because the water in these states is high in salt. Also, since it’s a giant grass, Golden Bamboo can also benefit from Super Palm Juice.

How to Trim Your Bamboo

An excellent way to control Golden Bamboo is with annual root pruning. You can remove older canes and new shoots at the base to thin and reduce growth. Trim to fit your needs. You can do a heavy prune session early in spring. We do not recommend pruning in the summer or during a cold winter.

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