Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm

Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis var. argentea

  • It's a smaller-sized palm tree, so it can fit in a variety of landscapes, adding curb appeal along the way!
  • Stunning powdery silver-blue foliage that's unlike any other palm around
  • These palms are more hardy and robust than the standard green variety
  • Looks amazing when lit up with nighttime landscape lighting
  • They are heat tolerant, so they can grow in the hotter parts of SoCal
  • Salt tolerant, so they are suitable for planting along the coast!
Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm
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Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis var. argentea

The Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm is a stunning small palm featuring brilliant powdery silver-blue foliage that looks fantastic planted in a variety of landscapes. This palm is the Chamaerops humilis var. argentea palm, which is considered to be more hardy and robust than the standard green variety. It’s an excellent clumping palm for our Mediterranean climate and is sure to enhance any environment with its fine features. Plant Blue Mediterranean Fan Palms into your landscape and watch as the dazzling foliage colors impress your neighbors and passersby while adding curb appeal and value. This is one of the best landscape palms for night lighting and does well around swimming pools and spas!

Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm has a slow growth rate and loves full sun exposure. These palms are heat tolerant as well as seaside/salt tolerant, so they are perfect for the San Diego area, from Alpine to Coronado and Rancho Santa Fe to Encinitas and Oceanside. They can adapt to a variety of soils and will require low to moderate watering once established. Using the proper fertilizer, such as our Super Palm Juice, will optimize your palm’s performance, so use it and watch it grow and maintain its striking good looks all year long.

These palms are one of those trees that you have to see to believe. Visit our huge nursery today and see these elegant beauties for yourself. We have Blue Mediterranean Fan Palms for sale in a variety of sizes and have been custom-growing them from our premium quality seedlings for over 20 years! One look at these stunning beauties is enough to make you a fan for life. We are the only people that grow these and assure their quality - no one else does what we do!

Buying as big as you can is the best way to enjoy the magnificent beauty that large specimens bring into a landscape. We have the larger palm trees available in smaller containers, so you get better bang for your buck!

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