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Bur Oak

Bur Oak

Quercus macrocapra

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Dense shade tree perfect for any landscape
  • Drought and cold tolerant
  • Extremely durable specimens custom grown for Western climates
Bur Oak

Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

The Bur Oak is a beautifully structured tree with a unique appearance. These particular trees grow in many zones and adapt easily to many different soil types. You're able to identify the Bur Oak easily through its appearance. These trees have alternating leaves that are going to be up to 12 long with 5-9 lobes separated by deep sinuses. These are long-lived trees with lifespans that have exceeded 200+ years. Bur Oaks also have a gnarly dark brown trunk one would expect from such a strong tree.

These trees are perfect for our planting area as they tolerate heat and pollution from the city extremely well. Once they become established the Bur Oak becomes more drought tolerant as well which makes it perfect for planting in a water-wise landscape. These trees are very useful as a shade tree or focal point tree as they grow dense and thick throughout the year shedding their foliage come winter time. All Moon Valley Nursery trees are grown only from our best specimens and cared for by professional nursery pros. Stop in today to any Moon Valley Nursery and allow our nursery experts to help you select the best trees for your yard.


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