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California Pepper

California Pepper

Schinus molle

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Fast-growing, upright yet broad canopy
  • Great Shade Tree - loves desert heat
  • Works in many landscape settings
  • Small unique colored foliage
California Pepper

California Pepper

Schinus molle

The California Pepper is an extremely fast-growing, sun-loving tree that thrives in the warm climates of the Western United States. Schinus molle has its origins in Peru and is native to areas with dry soil and warm temperatures, such as the warm, arid conditions of the Southwest. It is a picturesque, sun-loving evergreen with attractive bright green, fern-like leaves and lush green foliage. This popular large shade tree looks great on a variety of Southwestern landscapes, whether planted in front yards or backyards.

Plant this California Pepper tree with room to spread and enjoy the shade provided by its broad canopy. A large tree, it may grow a crown spread that can provide a nice shady area that is ideal for picnics. The entire family will love this multi-trunk tree for climbing, tying a tire swing or even building a tree house.

A mature Schinus molle tree is the kind of tree where someone might want to engrave his or her initials into the fantastically gnarled, fat, thick trunks. Install nighttime landscape lighting and keep the family fun going well into the night, while displaying the beauty of this magnificent tree.

Homeowners in the Southwest will appreciate the extreme drought tolerance of this California Pepper tree. It can survive on very little water and has deep roots. In fact, once it has been established, you may never need to water this tree again, just let nature do the rest! Plant this evergreen California Pepper where there is plenty of sun and enjoy the beauty and many benefits provided by this wonderful large shade tree that the entire family will love.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, you can buy trees that are fully-grown or just getting started. No matter which California Pepper you choose, you will get a professionally nurtured tree that is ready to thrive and bring beauty to your landscape for many years to come.

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