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Cardboard Palm

Cardboard Palm

Zamia furfuracea

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  • Grows well in pots and containers
  • Not actually a palm!
Cardboard Palm
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Cardboard Palm

Zamia furfuracea

  • Other common names include Cardboard Cycad, Cardboard Plant, Cardboard Sago, Jamaican Sago, Mexican Cycad
  • A cycad, not a palm
  • An ancient plant with an unusual name and lots of character!
  • Can also be used as an easy to grow houseplant

From southeastern coastal Mexico, the Cardboard Palm is a cycad and one that gets its unusual name because of their medium green foliage that feels a bit like fuzzy cardboard! This cycad also goes by its botanical name Zamia furfuracea, and when we mass plant them in a shrub border, they add a dramatic effect that is hard to ignore, and why would you ever want to ignore them! It is not just cycad enthusiasts that love them, their exotic looking cone and ability to survive indoors also make them an excellent choice to grow in a brightly lit room. They grow slowly and can handle a bit of neglect, so they are a preferred choice for both commercial and residential properties.

Some people love to grow these Cardboard Palms in a pot, and since these cycads grow in full sun or partial shade, they are an excellent choice for balconies, patios, and decks. Once established, the Zamia Cardboard Palm is drought tolerant with low to moderate water needs. Caring for one is easy too. They require minimal maintenance, and palm fertilizer is beneficial to its development.

Have you dreamed of owning a 'living fossil'? Here is your chance! We grow the Cardboard Palm right here in our local climate and have them available in a variety of sizes, and ready thrive in any environment. At Moon Valley Nursery, we are the growers! We have been growing and nurturing these attractive cycads for over 20 years, and our nursery pros will be glad to help you handpick the perfect Zamia Cardboard palm!

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