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Chandler Red Pummelo

Chandler Red Pummelo

Citrus maxima 'Chandler'

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  • Wonderfully fragrant flowers
  • Beautiful, bright showy flowers with fragrant aroma
  • full sun
  • Grow your own fruit!
Chandler Red Pummelo

Chandler Red Pummelo

Citrus maxima 'Chandler'

  • Hardy in the Houston area
  • Huge, thick-skinned fruit full of juicy flavor!
  • Wonderfully fragrant flowers

Chandler Red Pummelo trees produce a grapefruit-like fruit with red, fleshy slices that are full of sweet and juicy flavor almost everyone loves! Pummelo is a treat that is sure to please a wide range of taste buds. The huge, thick-skinned fruit can weigh up to 9 pounds, so you know it's packed full of juicy flavor. Usually producing seedless fruit, Chandler Red Pummelo trees are hardy and ideal for growing in the Houston area. It's a great tree for growing near patios and produces flowers that fill the air with a wonderful fragrance. They can grow to be a large sized tree and work great as a privacy screen!

Chandler Red Pummelo trees are the most widely grown variety of pummelo. It's easy to see why they are so popular, the sweet tasting fruit matures early so you do not have to wait long before you can enjoy the mouth-watering flavor. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we take pride in offering Chandler Red Pummelo trees that provide the sweetest and juiciest fruit in all of the southwest. We have fruit trees available in a variety of sizes, with many at fruit producing age! Come visit any one of our huge nursery locations and our nursery pro's will be glad to help you select the perfect fruit tree for your landscaping needs.

With proper fertilizer, Chandler Red Pummelo trees will explode with growth. Moon Valley Nurseries has teamed up with the top fertilizer-producing nursery to design ideal fertilizers, supplements, liquids, and pellets ideal for treating Houston's dense soil with the nutrients and vitamins essential for growing a beautiful landscape. Homegrown pummelo fruit always taste better! Start your own edible landscape today! Ask us how to do it, we'll be glad to help!

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